When stakes are high

Our Expertise

For many years, Gaisberg has helped clients from many different industries throughout difficult times. In complex situations, we provide strategic communications.

We bring our clients into the news–but more importantly out of the news. Confidentiality is an important value in our partnership.

Our references from various industries:

Industry   Processing Industry/Raw Materials

Our consulting portfolio ranges from acute crises to long-term strategic processes. In events of sudden environmental damages, work place accidents and cyber-attacks, Gaisberg was at the side of our clients in only thirty minutes. We have also repeatedly developed communications strategies for long term challenges such as sustainability, shortage of skilled workers, restructuring, generational change and supply chain issues.

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Consumer   Trade / Food / Services / Tourism

For your consumer brand, dealing with sudden crises often determines the success of your business for years to come. In times of crisis, Gaisberg has repeatedly assisted companies in communications. Our expertise ranges from employment lawsuits, product recalls and branch closures to strategic decisions such as digitization and innovation.

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Politics & Administration   Ministries / Authorities / Courts / Politicians / Publicly Owned Companies / NGOs

Hardly any area is in the spotlight as much as public organizations and the people involved. When opposing political interests collide, factual information often falls behind. Managing exceptional communicative situations is our expertise–regardless of whether it is a high-profile legal dispute, investigative committee, private prosecution or a crisis.  

Our experts also advise on setting up communicative structures, act as external press officers and train clients from the public sector ahead of important media appearances. Our approach: emotions out, facts in.

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Provider   Energy / Public Infrastructure / Disposal

The fight against climate change, disruptive technologies and regulatory requirements are turning established businesses upside down unlike most other industries. While the demands of society in the area of ESG are constantly increasing, companies are also increasingly confronted with resistance, for example when creating the necessary infrastructure for the energy transition. For many years, Gaisberg has been supporting companies in this area in communicating construction projects, elaborating strategic processes, for instance in the field of  sustainability, developing corporate mission statements and advise on acute crisis issues.

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Construction & Real Estate   Civil Engineering / Developer

Whether it’s M&A processes, grassroots protests, official proceedings, proceedings regarding construction defects, insolvencies, security issues, a change of board of directors or a new corporate mission statement, Gaisberg has been supporting customers in the construction and real estate industry through extraordinary situations for many years.

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Finance   Investors / Holdings / Transactions / M&As / Banks / Insurance Companies

The communication requirements are particularly high at the interface to the financial market. Thorough preparation, creating a secure legal framework and considering ad hoc duties are essential parameters of our financial market communications. Communication in special situations is our expertise: M&A situations, legal disputes, changes in management, restructuring and CEO positioning are amongst the main components of our service portfolio.

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We are your partner in the courtroom of the public opinion. We have been cooperating with the leading lawyers in Austria for many years in cases with increased media interest. Our experience ranges from investigations against managing directors and politicians to prominent criminal proceedings and complex civil suits. We accompany you throughout insolvency proceedings just as competently as through transactions.

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Technology   Startups / Services / Media / Cyber

Digitization is a changing business model and turning entire industries upside down. Clients facing change processes have a significantly higher need for communicaiton. Gaisberg supports both external and internal communications. Our expertise ranges from advising tech start-ups on market entry to media companies throughout changes. We support the communication of cyber-attacks and moderate innovation processes in traditional industrial companies with a focus on digitization.

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Health   Hospitals / Associations / Pharmaceuticals / Health administration

Gaisberg repeatedly supports clients in the healthcare sector in communications. Our references range from communications for associations or strategic consultation for health professionals to change communications in health care institutions.

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