When stakes are high

The serious, the difficult, the unexpected moments are the ones that call for real professionals.


It is increasingly common for companies to be confronted with crucial challenges in the face of megatrends such as digitalisation or globalisation, intensive competition and new legal parameters. Companies are experiencing ever-increasing pressure. It may relate to processes of change, to initiatives for innovation or to re-alignment: We support you to manage these processes with strategic change management and professional PR – both in-house and outside of the company.  more


When there is much at stake, the public takes a particular interest. In times of crisis, it is therefore essential to act promptly. We offer our profound knowledge of crisis communation in order to protect your reputation and secure your profile as a trust-worthy player. Isolated errors are forgiven, but poor crisis management never is.  more


We defend your reputation in the court of public opinion. For quite some time now the courts are not the sole arbiters of innocence or guilt. In the media, they don’t hang around waiting for court verdicts. We get together with your counsel to pre-sent complex situations in a media-proof way – we put your viewpoint across to the public.  more


The daily rat race might cloud the view of the whole issue. We are here to support you to focus, to specify your story, and to provide certainty and trust by strategic and purposeful leadership. No matter whether you want to achieve a new market position or strengthen your attractiveness as an employer, or a little bit of green-washing might not suffice your clients and your employees, we help you to define clear goals and achieve them.  more