When stakes are high

Communicating massive transformation


It is increasingly common for companies to be confronted with crucial challenges in the face of megatrends such as digitalisation or globalisation, intensive competition and new legal parameters. Companies are experiencing ever-increasing pressure. It may relate to processes of change, to initiatives for innovation or to re-alignment: We support you to manage these processes with strategic change management and professional PR – both in-house and outside of the company.

We identify the drivers of change as well as the ruptures. Gaisberg Consulting offers individual strategy workshops for top management and communicators such as executive events, scenario trainings or creative formats – the one that works for you. Do not hesitate to contact our experts today.

Overview of services

  • Analysis of breaking points and driving impulses
  • Story telling in change process
  • Development of communications strategies
  • Executive coaching
  • Design, monitoring and facilitation of events, trainings, or large group formats
  • Scenario planning for critical situations
  • Internal and external communications
  • Creative steering of the change process with photos, videos, podcasts

Are you also dealing with that?

Many companies are currently under pressure to realign their organisations to increase efficiency and customer orientation – a huge task for the management and top executives. We support you to explain the necessity of these measures to your staff and accompany you through the whole process.

You are the new CEO of the company? Your company is dealing with succession and alternation of generations? We are at your side during such a challenging phase and help to successfully position new faces in the company and on the market.

Digitalisation is transforming business models and the way we work. Sometimes, too many initiatives are launched to tackle the issue and lead to chaos. We support you to structure the transformation and to take all employees along with you on this journey.

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