When stakes are high

Crisis communications when stakes are high


When there is much at stake, the public takes a particular interest. In times of crisis, it is therefore essential to act promptly. We offer our profound knowledge of crisis communation in order to protect your reputation and secure your profile as a trustworthy player. Isolated errors are forgiven, but poor crisis management never is.

The experts at Gaisberg Consulting have made significant contributions to numerous crises incidents over the past years. We are at your side when push comes to shove, and a popular outrage is imminent. In order for you to be armed and ready for instant, professional action in the event of any crisis, we will prepare your organisation for possible crisis scenarios that could arise. Do not hesitate to contact our experts today.

Overview of services

  • 24/7 support in acute crisis
  • Acting as your spokesperson
  • Media- and camera training
  • Scenario training (crisis simulator)
  • Media monitoring
  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Preparation of documents/wordings
  • Design and development of a crisis manual

Are you also dealing with that?

The pandemic’s repercussions are brutal – it might affect your employees’ health, the substance of your company, the legal framework. We help you to cope with the various crises that you might be confronted with due to COVID-19.

It is always painful to cut jobs and lay off people. Accurate preparation of such a measure is of the essence: We support you to plan every step and ensure profes-sional and sensitive communications that protects your employees’ self esteem and explains the reason for your actions.

Companies increasingly rely on digital work spaces, thus raising the risk for cyber-attacks. In the case of an attack you need to act and communicate swiftly. Thanks to our longtime experience in this area and close cooperation with renowned experts in this field we can quickly define the necessary communication measures and implement them.

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