When stakes are high

Reputation management in the court of public opinion


We defend your reputation in the court of public opinion. For quite some time now the courts are not the sole arbiters of innocence or guilt. In the media, they don’t hang around waiting for court verdicts. We get together with your counsel to pre-sent complex situations in a media-proof way – we put your viewpoint across to the public.

There are many well-known companies and institutions in the past years who have benefited from our tactically smart, economical use of communications to navigate safely through legal dealings while protecting their reputation. Not only before but also during and after the legal negotiations you will benefit from our support focus-ing on strategic publicity. Do not hesitate to contact our experts today.

Overview of services

  • Media Risk Assessment
  • Development of a communications and media strategy in close cooperation with lawyers and legal departments
  • Preparation of documents (Fact sheets, Q&A, etc.)
  • Acting as your spokesperson
  • Communications assistance during the proceedings
  • Communications for out-of-court settlements
  • Media training for lawyers
  • Monitoring

Are you also dealing with that?

Embezzlement, damage compensation claims, fraud, decisions by the Supreme Court – there is a wide range of possible legal proceedings. No matter what kind of legal questions you have to deal with, you should only rely on professional, legally-reliable communication to protect your reputation.

If you plan a new production plant or some infrastructure construction, it will not be easy to gain acceptance for your project from neighbors and abutting owners. We support you to develop a communications strategy that preempts criticism and pro-vides transparency – from approval to construction.

Often enough, affected parties learn from the media that they are confronted with anonymous charges. Nevertheless, they are supposed to make a statement – without even knowing the details of the charge. We are immediately at your side when you come under attack and a swift response is necessary.

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