When stakes are high

Strategic communication


The daily rat race might cloud the view of the whole issue. We are here to support you to focus, to specify your story, and to provide certainty and trust by strategic and purposeful leadership. No matter whether you want to achieve a new market position or strengthen your attractiveness as an employer, or a little bit of green-washing might not suffice your clients and your employees, we help you to define clear goals and achieve them.

We have accompanied many companies from different industries to sharpen and communicate their strategies and to position them in a unique way. Capitalize on our experienced team and use us as your sparring partner. Do not hesitate to contact our experts today.

Overview of services

  • Translating the company strategy in a clear vision and a compelling story
  • Creative and emotional translation of the company strategy
  • Design, monitoring and facilitation of events, trainings, or large group formats
  • Strategic positioning on the market
  • Employer Branding strategy and implementation
  • Sustainability communications
  • Executive coaching

Are you also dealing with that?

It might be hard for employees to grasp a new corporate strategy in all its ramifications. We support you to translate your strategy in a compelling vision that helps to bring internal and external stakeholders on board. With our simple but highly effective vision tool we enable you to put your story down in an hour.

If sustainability is ranking high on your agenda, we help to explain your strategy and tell your story along your entire value chain providing full transparency and traceability. We are happy to establish contacts with experts and politicians to support your cause.

Sustainability strategies are no longer well-intentioned CSR efforts, but are crucial for the future viability of the company. This requires a change in many positions. The Gaisberg Sustainability Toolbox helps you to maintain an overview and to adequately translate your sustainability strategy in all relevant areas such as brand positioning, addressing customers, stakeholder communication, employer branding, etc. In this way, comprehensible evidence can be provided instead of flimsy green washing.

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