When stakes are high

We are trouble-shooters when stakes are high.

„Full commitment and the highest professionalism. You shouldn't expect less.“

Professional communications solutions when stakes are high: you shouldn’t expect anything less from us. When strategic communication becomes crucial to your company’s reputation, Gaisberg Consulting aims at finding effective solutions to face any challenging, unforeseen or serious situation with adequate strategic tools

Our experts specialize in the following areas:

Our extensive experience in these fields makes Gaisberg Consulting one of the leading communications consultancies in the German-speaking region. Our team of 10 Vienna-based experts, together with our international partners, develops effective solutions when it comes to communicating complex and serious matters. As consultants, sparring partners and communication strategists, we are supporting companies from the preventive stage through strategic planning and tactical deployment. We are at your side with determination, expertise and integrity – no matter how difficult, challenging or complicated the situation presents itself.

The partners and managing directors of Gaisberg Consulting

Alfred Autischer

Alfred Autischer

Founder and Shareholder
Sandra Luger

Sandra Luger

Shareholder and Managing Partner
Verena Nowotny

Verena Nowotny

Shareholder and Authorized Officer
Christiane Berghold

Christiane Berghold

Managing Director
the Experts

Gaisberg Consulting is CO2-neutral

We have worked intensively on measures to reduce CO2 and underwent an external greenhouse gas audit. Since November 12, 2021 we have been one of the first CO2-neutral PR agencies in Austria.

As part of a cooperation with the Austrian climate protection initiative Glacier, numerous concrete steps were taken to reduce the CO2 footprint of the agency and its 11 employees. These include reducing the agency's consumption of resources, switching to a CO2-neutral energy supply and using reusable tableware. In this way, the remaining total of all emissions from our company was reduced to 14.1 tons of CO2 per year.

As a result of the calculation of the corporate carbon footprint by Sustainability& GmbH, two compensation projects were selected for the remaining annual emissions in order to set the carbon footprint to zero. Specifically, we support the “Planting Biodiverse Forests in Panama” and the “Cambodia National Biodigester Program” projects.

Zertifikat (pdf)
Treibhausgasbericht (pdf)

CO2 neutral

Social responsibility

As a responsible company, we not only support our customers in professional communication. We are convinced that professional communication must also help to shed light on socially important issues in public.

For this reason, we work together with selected social and ecological projects and initiatives at reduced hourly rates or in pro bono projects, where we make our communication expertise available.

Here is a selection of previous projects:

Are you interested in a pro bono collaboration? Please send us an email with a short description of the project to christiane.berghold@gaisberg.eu